Let's say you are going about your business and interacting with a site...

I've still:
  • presented you with a modal which is both detracting and demeaning.
  • recorded metrics on the actions you had performed.

Let's say it was a layer, instead of a modal. There is still, more often than not, a mechanism that tracks whether you interact with that layer. In protest, say you don't click to dismiss the layer at all. Is that ever recorded? therein lies the problem.

By no means am I an opponent of collecting metrics. I do think it is a very important process of the software development paradigm, but there is a right way and a wrong way. Too often are we bombarded with the wrong way.

What does the right way look like? Provide your users with a `Would you like to take a survey?` or something along those lines. But instead of leaving that message open until the end-user interacts with it - simply store a Cookie denoting that the message was provided to the user. Then, upon any navigation back to, or through your site - the message does not show to your end-user, and you are happy since you can consume said cookie for metrics.



For the sake of making UX better...

Will I take this data and make my site better?
Meh, maybe. Maybe not. Who are you to me, user?

Either way... I've sacrificed UX for UX. It's a paradox and should be avoided.