SoapUI Containerization

04 Feb 2016

Docker and SoapUI were not technologies that I had prior experience in.

For my task, I was to containerize SoapUI in an OpenShift environment by taking a SoapUI runner, and incorporating it inside of a Docker container, and I did just that!

What does it do?

By containerizing SoapUI and its runner, this allows you to have a portable SoapUI installation that lets you run your SoapUI projects anywhere!

Included in this docker container, is the following:

  • A Centos operating system
  • A Python interpreter
  • A Java JDK
  • A SoapUI Installation

This container utilizes the standard Python library to launch a simple http server that will listen on port 3000 for POST requests. These POST requests would contain pertinent information for your SoapUI tests. That would include:

  • The URL to test against
  • The Suite to run
  • The SoapUI Project XML


Currently I use this setup in an OpenShift configuration to listen on a URL


Which will accept said POST requests, and run any SoapUI tests fired at it.

note: I recommend familiarizing yourself with Docker, at least to the point where you know how to run a container.


  1. docker pull ddavison/soapui
  2. docker run -it -p 3000:3000 ddavison/soapui
  3. Curl the service by sending a SoapUI project xml file
curl -F "project=@/path/to/soapui-project.xml" \
  -F "suite=YourSuite" \

After running the SoapUI tests, there are different HTTP status codes associated with the run.

Code Message Description
200 OK All SoapUI Tests ran successfully and passed
550 Test Failure(s) You have failures in the SoapUI Test suite / cases. You can check the content of the request to determine what failed
551 No Suite You did not specify the `suite` POST parameter with the name of the suite you wanted to run
552 No SoapUI Project You did not specify the 'project' POST parameter with the proper SoapUI XML data. Remember: This needs to be the actual file itself sent as multipart/form-data. E.g:
curl -F "[email protected]" ...
500 Internal Server Error An exception occured while running the SoapUI Tests

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