GitHub SVG Buttons

29 Aug 2014

I’ve always loved badges.. Ever since I found out about Travis’s badge that allows you to see whether a build passes or fails, I’ve always enjoyed it.. It’s even better that you can plug the badge into the readme!

Now, a while back, I was looking through my stargazers on my sublime-tabs project on atom and I noticed that @mdo (one of the creators of Twitter Bootstrap) had starred my project!

I started browsing through his GitHub repositories, and noticed that he had a project called github-buttons. Sweet project indeed, but you weren’t able to plug in those buttons inside of a GitHub ReadMe since they were <iframe>’s.. I created a project that fixes this! :smile:

Creating buttons for your repository

The basic syntax for creating your own repository is to get:

To get a badge to star your repository:<github-user>&repo=<github-repo>

To get a badge to fork your repository:<github-user>&repo=<github-repo>

Or if you want to generate them to different formats like Markdown, Haml, or HTML, you can use:

Soon, you’ll have your own cool buttons! star this repo fork this repo